Circuit breakers’ panels


Circuit breakers panels of B737NG, Captain and FO sides.


B737NG Circuit breakers panels of Captain and FO.

Captains side panel contains 280 circuit breakers, 100 of which are active.

Both panels contains 426 circuit breakers – Cpt panel with 280 breakers and FO panel with 146 breakers. 100 circuit breakers are active, the rest are dummy. Active circuit beakers can be managed remotely (switched off from Instruction Station).

All sizes, breakers location and other elements are carefully replicate the actual panels. Metal structure and real circuit breakers are designed for heavy duty long lasting work. In case if you may need only one panel please contact us for the quote. If you may need a specific circuit breakers sets active, or all circuit breakers active then we can produce it according to your requirements.

Manufacturing time – 2 months. Warranty period: 1 year. Worldwide delivery (quote delivery to your Country before you buy).
Price indicated doesn’t include VAT.
Should you have any questions please contact us.